Dana White plans to live on ‘Fight Island’ for a month during string of UFC events

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Dana White plans to live on ‘Fight Island’ for a month during string of UFC events

Where the UFC’s “Fight Island” is located remains a mystery, but it apparently will have a famous short-term resident in UFC president Dana White.

Making an appearance with promotional partner ESPN on Friday, White gave an update on “Fight Island,” the undisclosed location on which the UFC will attempt to run events during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the company has resumed running stateside events where feasible, such as three last week in Jacksonville, Fla., and a planned return to the UFC Apex on May 30 pending Nevada Athletic Commission approval, the company still needs to find a way to get its international fighters bouts during a time in which travel to and from the U.S. is complicated.

When pressed for an update on “Fight Island,” White said to expect fight cards at the undisclosed location sooner rather than later – and that he could end up living there the entire month of July.

“People are very intrigued by ‘Fight Island,’ and I’m excited for it,” White said. “Right now we’re looking at June, and we’re literally gonna knock out three or four (events) there in a month. And I’m gonna stay on the island for a month. I’ll probably be there the whole month of July.” 

Clearly, the location of “Fight Island” has become a source of intrigue, with even Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel checking in.

“You know what’s hilarious about you asking me that question right now: Literally this morning when I was driving to work, I was talking to Ari, and Ari goes, ‘How many people a day ask you where Fight Island is?’” White said. “I guess people are blowing him up, asking where ‘Fight Island’ is.”

Dana White plans to live on 'Fight Island' for a month during string of UFC events