The 12 Fastest WNO Submissions of 2021

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The 12 Fastest WNO Submissions of 2021

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These were the fastest subs we saw in 2021 at Who’s Number One.

The fastest 12 submissions seen at WNO in 2021:

Haisam Rida vs Miha Perhavec Armbar 0:36
Amanda Alequin vs Jessa Khan Toe Hold 0:43
Craig Jones vs Luiz Panza Inside Heel Hook 0:46
Mikey Musumeci vs Richard Alarcon "Mikey Lock" 0:57
Mikey Musumeci vs Lucas Pinheiro Inside Heel Hook 1:26
Tammi Musumeci vs Danielle Kelly Twisting Arm Lock 1:43
Joshua Cisneros vs Damien Anderson Armbar 1:51
Jacob Couch vs Roberto Jimenez Inside Heel Hook 1:54
Cole Abate vs Ned Johnson Ankle lock 2:43
Micael Galvao vs Jacob Couch Armbar 2:52
Danielle Kelly vs Jessie Crane Kneebar 3:00
Craig Jones vs Ronaldo Junior Inside Heel Hook 4:15

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