Midnight Mania! Mac Admits ‘Tempers Are Flaring’ On TUF

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Midnight Mania! Mac Admits ‘Tempers Are Flaring’ On TUF

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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) is not a program known for its serenity. Drunken fights in the house are not uncommon, sure, but coaches are known to get very emotionally invested in the competition as well. Since the very first season, coach relationships have been a focal point, varying between rivalry and outright animosity.

Conor McGregor is no stranger to the position, having coached TUF opposite Urijah Faber back in 2015. However, it was known going into that season that the two were not going to fight at the end, so the relationship remained fairly friendly throughout. That’s not the case with McGregor’s current foil, Michael Chandler, who is expected to face off with the Irish talent at some point in 2023.

Just over a week ago, UFC President Dana White hinted that things were really heating up at the TUF house, and rumors of a brawl quickly spread. In his recent interview with Barstool Sports’ My Mom’s Basement, McGregor addressed his relationship with Chandler, admitting both respect and hostility.

“Of course, I have respect for Chandler. We had an issue, obviously, tempers are flaring. It’s a f—king hostile thing right, respect and admiration, I like his style, he likes my style, we have a good little buzz. That is the way it should be. It’s still competitive fire, we’re still gonna, I’m still gonna mince him,” McGregor said (via Cole Shelton).

He continued, “I know he’s going to try and throw everything into his shots also. But, there is still admiration, that is how it should be, that is how the sport should be, you should have the ability to separate it. That’s what’s such a great thing about the sport, usually, when you get in there and do it, it’s a settler. We had an issue once during it and it was all good. Tempers are flaring and we got past it. I’m excited to have completed the competition in the show and I’m excited to compete against him for real.”

McGregor last competed in July 2021, coming up short in his trilogy match vs. Dustin Poirier and badly injuring his leg in the process. While recovering, McGregor has crossed over into the world of film, starring in the Roadhouse remake alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.


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