An Improved Lucas Brennan ready for Bellator 293

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An Improved Lucas Brennan ready for Bellator 293

After kicking off his 2022 with two straight wins in Bellator in January and June, featherweight Lucas Brennan’s year went awry and he ended up closing it out on a disappointing note.

Originally scheduled to return at Bellator 288 in November then Bellator 289 in December, Brennan was unable to get a second fight in 2022 and closed out his year with six months of inactivity.

“The last year just sucked how things ended,” Brennan told “As upsetting as it was, I was able to have a great camp, I improved a lot, so I’m trying to take from what I gained in that camp through into this (upcoming) one.

“I didn’t really take too much after that last camp for that fight that didn’t happen to this one,” continued Brennan. It sucks, but I won the fights I had, I liked those fights, so it could be worse.”

Having spent so much time in the gym prepping for fights, Brennan feels like he made great strides in his game last year.

“I think my training has improved drastically,” said Brennan. “I’ve continued to have better and better training with them and improve my skills overall. I’m moving closer and closer to fully well-rounded.

“I think it’s no secret what my plan is and what my style is,” he continued. “I put a lot of effort to improve what my style and game plan is, but also improve upon better things.”

Having waited nine months to get back to action, Brennan (7-0) finally returns at Bellator 293 versus Josh San Diego (9-4) in a preliminary 145-pound bout on March 31.

“As much as I feel it’s important to know the other guy’s intentions; important that I know what he’s good at and what his style is; I think I only want to know that information so I can better implement my game plan,” Brennan said.

“I have no intentions of being player two in his style. I’m going out there to do what I want to do when I want to do it. He’s very solid and very tough, but I think I’m implemented enough to get my game off first.”

While Brennan in the past has made plans for his year as a whole, he’s begun to see it might be best to just take things as they come and see where each opportunity leads him.

“I say every year that I aim for three fights a year, and since I’ve said it I’ve never got it, so that’s usually the benchmark that I put out,” said Brennan.

“As far as experience goes, I want to get all those fights in, but I probably should take every fight as they come and deal with them that way as opposed to looking too far ahead. I’ll focus on this one here until the next one comes along. I have an aim for the year but I’d rather focus on what’s in front of me.”

An Improved Lucas Brennan ready for Bellator 293