Midnight Mania! Madman Mitchell Enraged By Evolution: ‘It’s A Lie From Satan!’

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Midnight Mania! Madman Mitchell Enraged By Evolution: ‘It’s A Lie From Satan!’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Bryce Mitchell is fighting top-ranked Featherweight contender Dan Ige in less than 24 hours as the co-main event of UFC Vegas 79, but “Thug Nasty” apparently has more important things on mind. There’s some misinformation going ‘round, and the Arkansas-native wants to set the record straight.

During his lengthy appearance on Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith’s podcast, the trio discussed all sorts of topics, from the end of the world to his loss opposite Ilia Topuria (he had the flu!). However, Mitchell’s most fiery moments came when a pair of hot-button (to him) topics arose: evolution and gravity. As soon as “The Count” admitted that, yes, he does believe humans evolved from monkeys, Mitchell exploded.

“BULLS—T!” Mitchell yelled instantly. “It’s bulls—t, and it’s a lie from Satan! It’s a lie from Satan brother. You have been tricked, you have been deceived. We are not coming from monkeys. We are the apex predator!”

Bisping laughed it off. Later in the interview, the discussion moved towards Mitchell’s embrace of the flat-Earth theory. I won’t claim to have a complete understanding of the flat Earth line of thinking, but as it turns out, part of that belief is staunchly anti-gravity. Once more, a heated Mitchell did his best to drop some knowledge on Bisping and Smith.

“You put your faith in science, but let me tell you right now Bisping: Gravity ain’t real!” Mitchell exclaimed. “You want to tell me you don’t believe in God because there’s no evidence, show me the proof of gravity. You know why things drop to the ground? Because of density, brother.

“You drop something and it falls down, well that’s real cute. What if you do it with a helium balloon? It floats up! Helium has mass, I thought gravity worked on mass. How come the helium doesn’t go down?”

Listening to Mitchell argue his points, it’s a now wonder that Joe Rogan turned down the opportunity to debate him. He didn’t stand a chance!


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