Covington vs Usman 2 Coming In July?

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Covington vs Usman 2 Coming In July?

Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

As it stands, Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal are on a championship collision course for UFC 252, which is tentatively set to go down on July 11, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the promotion’s yearly International Fight Week festivities.

But there is one person that firmly believes that Welterweight title fight will not see the light of day, as Colby Covington says Masvidal will find a way to get out of the fight by asking for more money than he deserves.

“To be honest, I’m calling it right now — let all the people know. Let Dana [White] and all the people know in this interview that “Street Judas” also known as “Journeyman” Jorge Masvidal is not going to fight “Marty Fakenewsman,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “He’s going to wait and price himself out.”

Furthermore, “Chaos” says whether Masvidal admits it or not, he’s still stuck on scoring a fight against Conor McGregor.

“He’s going to try and wait to fight “Con Man” [Conor] McGregor, the little Irish leprechaun, who couldn’t knock an old dude off a barstool. The guy’s got no f*cking power. He couldn’t fight himself out of a wet paper bag,” he added.

“But we’re not talking about “Con Man” McGregor. We’re talking about “Street Judas.” He’s going to think he’s worth more, his value is more and he’s going to wait for Conor or even a Nate Diaz rematch, the soy boy, because everybody knows those Stockton slaps don’t do sh*t. He’s going to price himself out.”

A rematch against Nate Diaz was briefly discussed after Masvidal took him out at UFC 244, but it seems the Stockton slugger is once again on an extended hiatus, meaning that Jorge’s options have dwindled some.

Still, by all accounts Masvidal will take part in his first-ever title fight this summer against a champion who has yet to taste defeat inside the Octagon. With a win there, he could find himself staring down Covington inside the eight-sided cage to settle the beef from what was once a very close friendship.

If not, then perhaps Covington will get his chance to settle the score with “The Nigerian Nightmare”… as well as Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).