#AskNotorious Is Live

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#AskNotorious Is Live

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

It’s 3:30AM in Dubai and Conor McGregor is answering fan questions on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for Dustin Poirier to return to the gym after his big knockout win over Conor McGregor at UFC 257. McGregor? Well, he’s been enjoying the finer things in life, which we suppose shouldn’t be surprising considering he’s not just a millionaire but a centimillionaire (and perhaps within reach of becoming a legit billionaire in the next several years).

So McGregor’s Instagram is awash with photos of “The Notorious” enjoying life in Dubai, buying jewelry, and pimping his Proper 12 whiskey, which just netted him another nine figure sum in a recent deal. We don’t want to imply he’s not training at all — there are also photos of him working out, running, and biking. But Conor isn’t in camp for his UFC 264 rematch with Poirier on June 12th. Poirier? We’re not sure he ever really leaves a state of camp.

It all raises questions about how ready McGregor will be for the fight… which makes it fortunate that “The Notorious” is currently fielding questions from fans on Twitter using the hashtag #AskNotorious.

Since it’s currently 3:30AM in Dubai, we dunno how long this will go on for. But Conor is in there mixing it up and giving some interesting responses as of 7:30PM EST (Sunday May 9th). We even got a question in there (cuz we know what keeps McG up at night).

McGregor’s goals here are laid out pretty plain: he plans on beating Poirier and then challenging for the lightweight strap. He also talks about fighting more at 170 and cementing his GOAT status by becoming a two time champ-champ. That implies a go at the welterweight champ, but McGregor also said he’s close enough to 155 to make weight in a week. Does that put him within striking range of featherweight as well?

We’ll update the thread as McGregor answers more questions.