MMA Debut Ends Poorly For Paunchy Debutant

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MMA Debut Ends Poorly For Paunchy Debutant

Craig Schmitz was hoping to make the boys at Sway Boxing Academy proud by making his amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) debut at the tender age of 36, and I think it’s fair to say he was off to a good start after walking out to Word Up! by Cameo.

Then it came time to fight and well … let’s just say that Harvey’s Imperial isn’t the only thing in Doncaster that is extra double stout. If you’re forced to compete at 205 pounds — despite standing just 5’6” — then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your training regimen.

“Easy fight there for Reece Vickerage,” the announcer deadpanned. “You don’t get paid for overtime. Craig Schmitz quickly dispatched, chopped down with a big leg kick and finished off with a reign of blows.”

Vickerage improved to 2-1 with his destruction of Schmitz (0-1), part of the Caged Steel 26 card inside the Donny Dome in United Kingdom. I know anyone with the bollocks to step inside the cage deserves respect, but even Schmitz has to be shaking his head at that performance.