The Morning After: Now Is The Time For Diaz Vs. Paul

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The Morning After: Now Is The Time For Diaz Vs. Paul

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Here’s what you may have missed!

Jake Paul didn’t look like the man who twice went to war with Tyron Woodley last night.

It makes sense that a 25-year-old athlete with access to the best boxing resources money can buy would show improvement after nearly a year away from the ring. Still, the dramatic leaps made by Paul between the Woodley rematch and last night’s battle vs. Anderson Silva are a testament to his effort and dedication.

To be frank, Paul was unimpressive last December. He looked tired early on, to the point that even Woodley — famed for his low output — was taking rounds. At one point, it really seemed like “T-Wood” might score unexpected revenge and ruin Paul’s undefeated record. Then, Paul dropped one hell of a right hand, and Woodley hit the canvas in a heap.

The rest of his performance was quickly forgotten.

Silva would’ve spanked that man. He came to this fight well-prepared and did some cool things. It was frustrating to watch “The Spider” sacrifice rounds to watch Paul, but he did that in MMA too. Can we really expect Silva to change his ways at 47 years of age? That would be absurd, especially since Silva really tested Paul.

“The Problem Child” took some heavy blows. Silva pressed and countered, postured and switched up his stance. He gave his opponent a ton of different looks, but Paul was never flustered. He kept his defense tight throughout eight rounds. When Silva grew wild and really pressured, Paul’s head stayed cool. He flashed a defensive jab often, and then in the final frame, managed to really nail Silva with a combination off the back foot that floored the longtime Middleweight king.

That’s far more than Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. managed last year. In last night’s bout, Paul proved his toughness and composure, and he also managed to show more depth to his boxing than any point previous. It was, all in all, a very impressive display from the social media star, one that perfectly leads us to Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz.

Now is quite simply the time to book that fight. Through mishap and miracle, Diaz managed to exit UFC on a high note, strangling Tony Ferguson to earn his freedom. As far as anyone can tell, Diaz is totally free to do whatever the hell he wants. Given that his homies are instigating backstage tussles with the Paul crew, it sure seems like Diaz is down to play ball.

Paul is now at an all-time high. It’s up for debate whether Diaz is a step up from Silva, but he’s certainly a good bit younger and currently is the bigger star of the two. It’s a hugely lucrative fight, and one that Paul now looks much more prepared for. The Paul that gassed against Woodley would have drowned like so many other Diaz victims, but a further improved 2023 Paul would be the deserved favorite.

Let’s find out if Diaz has another massive upset left in him.

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