Midnight Mania! Costa Calls BS On Khamzat Claims

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Midnight Mania! Costa Calls BS On Khamzat Claims

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Khamzat Chimaev is the latest in the long line of fighters that no one actually wants to fight … maybe. Per “Borz,” he’s desperate to fight in March, but no UFC fighters are willing to step up to bat at either 170- or 185-pounds.

At least one non-UFC fighter has offered.

Not everyone agrees with Khamzat’s claims, however. Notably, Paulo Costa and Belal Muhammad replied to an MMAJunkie Instagram post, and neither would agree that they are ducking the Chechen. Costa questioned, “Does anyone still believe these bullshits?” and once again labeled him “gourmet.” Muhammad also questioned his claims, joking “The four opponents that said no were Nick Diaz, Tony Ferguson, Brett Hart, and Chris Leben.”

Both men have prior history with Chimaev. Costa has been arguing with Chimaev since September’s scuffle at the UFC Performance Institute, and he’s repeatedly call for a fight all the while. However, it’s worth noting that Costa remains embroiled in contract negotiations with UFC. Unless the promotion pays up, Costa won’t compete, which could really interfere with his “Borz” beef.

Muhammad has been calling out Khamzat for even longer, and he’s engaged in no contract dispute. The two once even publicly agreed to fight one another, but UFC has never pulled the trigger. Perhaps that’s because he’s “the worst style match up” for the rising star?

Whatever the case, Khamzat Chimaev asked, and now several have answered. Hopefully, one of these fights gets booked, and “Borz” can return to action in March as desired.


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