Approved Submitter Nominations and Referendum on Banning

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Approved Submitter Nominations and Referendum on Banning

Hello ratfucks,

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to nominate your fellow r/mma users to become approved submitters for r/mma. Approved submitters get to post their own material to the sub without having to worry about the 3:1 rule of self promotion. Please nominate users you think generate great content and want to see more of.

Secondly, over the past week or so we have been seeing an increase in posts from This increase in posts has lead to accusations from members of this sub of the posts being low quality, generated by bots, and being posted through self promotion methods. While we have not been able to prove any of these accusations, as a mod team we discussed these accusations and decided the best thing to do would be to allow all of you to decide how we want to handle posts from this website, and whether it should become blacklisted. Years ago we asked the sub a similar question about, which, at community recommendation, has been banned from the sub ever since.

For reference here is a sample post from the website.

Please comment your vote below below your nominations for approves submitters and your vote on whether to blacklist Voting will be closed Friday afternoon.

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Approved Submitter Nominations and Referendum on Banning from MMA