[Official] Flair Betting Thread – March 16, 2023

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[Official] Flair Betting Thread – March 16, 2023

The Rules

  1. Activate flair on r/mma on the sidebar.
  2. Comment with who you think will win and a flair for your opponent.
  3. If you want to accept a flair bet reply to someone with your pick and flair.
  4. OP then agrees to the bet. This means you have to comment that you agree or we will skip the flair change.
  5. Max 1 bet per user and week
  6. The flair must remain attached to the user for 1 week.
  7. The flair cannot violate any of our rules.
  8. Flairs will be applied around 24 hours after the event due to the spoiler rule.
  9. Maximum length is 45 characters including spaces.

If you want to remove a Flair you have and you have already had it for a week just select a flag on the sidebar then delete it.

Custom flairs: here are three ways to obtain a custom flair:

  • place and lose a flair bet in the Friday thread
  • write a haiku
  • draw a MS Paint-style image for the sub

The rules for the drawing or haiku are simply that it must be a ridiculous MMA-related scenario. If you would like a custom flair, send a message to us with a link to your drawing and your flair request. We’ll probably grant it.

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