Paul Calls Himself Out For Fleeing Mayweather: ‘I’m Mad P—sy’

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Paul Calls Himself Out For Fleeing Mayweather: ‘I’m Mad P—sy’

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Jake Paul is not one to usually back down from confrontation, but the social media star had no choice but to flee the scene when Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a hoard of goons tried to corner him on the streets of Miami earlier this month (watch HERE).

While Paul is known for creating beef with just about anybody who lands in his crosshairs he wasn’t willing to fight a group of lineman-sized men to prove a point. “Problem Child” already shared some bad blood with Mayweather dating back to his hat stealing days, but it wasn’t the right time for both fighters to settle their differences. Mayweather knew that, but still wanted to try to strike fear into the heart of the social media star.

Paul, who made an initial statement about the incident, opened up again earlier this week during a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul (watch HERE at 1:00 mark). Despite his macho bravado, “Problem Child” conceded that he was a “bitch” for running away.”

“We got got,” said Paul. “It was like a full-on army delta force covert mission, bro.”

“I’ve never been caught lacking and I feel like such a bitch,” he later added. “I am a bitch. If it’s 1-5 dudes, let’s f—king go! Six or more? I’m good, I’m a bitch! I’m a mad p—sy right now, I’m not even gonna cap.”

Mayweather has caught a lot of backlash for confronting Paul with his entire entourage, but Paul has also caught some flack for not standing his ground. Most of us would have ran away well before Paul did, but he’s talked quite a bit of trash to “Money” over the years and fight fans were likely hoping for a more eventful outcome.

What say you, Maniacs? Should Paul have stood his ground against Team Mayweather?

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