‘I Think Conor Is Cheating’

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‘I Think Conor Is Cheating’


Conor McGregor does not have time for “garbage organizations” like USADA.

That may explain why the former UFC lightweight champion, who also wore gold at 145 pounds, has yet to reenter the USADA drug testing pool ahead of his Octagon return against fellow TUF coach Michael Chandler later this year.

According to the current rulebook, “Notorious” would need six months of clean drug tests before returning, unless the promotion can convince USADA that a delay of that length would somehow be a detriment to McGregor’s career.

No. 4-ranked lightweight contender Beneil Dariush is calling bulls—t.

“I think Conor is cheating,” Dariush said in an interview with The Schmo. (transcribed by Farah Hannoun). “In reality, if you want to fix your knee or you want to fix your leg and get certain growth hormones or whatever he’s doing, you can get a therapeutic exemption. You can speak to USADA and get a therapeutic exemption – but you can’t add extra stuff. Whatever you are putting in, you have to declare with them and get it figured out.”

The combat sports media has continued to pressure UFC officials for answers regarding McGregor’s return status; however, promotion president Dana White recently washed his hands of the drug-testing “nightmare” and deferred all questions to USADA.

Other UFC fighters (like this fan favorite) have echoed the sentiments from Dariush.

“This is B.S., to be honest with you,” Dariush continued. “The fact that they say, ‘Oh, while he’s doing this, he’s not getting tested right now because of his leg.’ No – you can still get tested. You just have to declare and say, ‘Hey, this was a therapeutic exemption.’ But that’s not the case (with McGregor). He even put down ‘retirement’ (on forms), so he went into retirement, I guess. USADA recently said when you come out of retirement, you need six months and two clean tests. So this is garbage. But that’s the game.”

Dariush will have an opportunity to secure his first-ever lightweight title shot when he battles Charles Oliveira in the UFC 288 pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event this May in Newark, which could eventually put him within the crosshairs of McGregor.

Assuming “Notorious” doesn’t retire (again) on Twitter.