Colby Covington torches Sean Strickland, says he might go up to middleweight for ‘Easiest’ Fight

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Colby Covington torches Sean Strickland, says he might go up to middleweight for ‘Easiest’ Fight

When asked by James Lynch from Lynch on Sports what Colby thought of Sean Strickland beating Israel Adesanya? 

Colby espoused, “Yeah, you know that’s the beauty of the UFC. It’s such a pure sport, and anybody can win on any given night. And, if you don’t come ready to fight that night and you have an off night, that’s what can happen. Obviously, Adesanya overlooked him.”

“He thought that he was just going to be able to breeze through this guy. And he probably didn’t train very hard. I think he’s getting a little comfortable up there. He’s made some big paychecks, and he’s just not hungry like he used to be.”

Colby Covington to Middleweight to Fight Sean Strickland?

“So it just opens up the door for all the middleweights, because that’s the easiest guy in the division to beat. Honestly, it opens up the door for me. I might go up and beat his a**.”

“That guy’s a f**king punk. He got his a** knocked out by Usman, like a little scrub, f***ing out unconscious. So imagine what I would do to him as America’s champ. You know, that’s another fight that could be the next fight as well.  I might go up to middleweight, steal that middleweight strap. Champ, champ!!! [as he flexed for the camera]”

Covington Doesn’t Like Strickland

When Lynch asked,”I’m surprised you don’tlike Strickland a little bit.  You guys seem to have some of the same values as well… Because he’s outspoken like you are.”

Colby said,”Outspoken in the most just obnoxious manner and just belligerent and so low IQ, bro. That guy has no wits. I mean, he just says some of the most just egregious, nasty stuff. I can’t identify with anything with that guy.”

“So he said some really stupid things about women, and I respect women. I think it’s equality out there. And everybody should be in entitled to someone. It’s not who, if they’re a woman, what the color of their skin is. It’s about who’s most qualified for a job. So, dude, he’s an idiot, and he’s even a weaker fighter, and he got lucky that Izzy cashed out already.”