Makhachev Warns Nelk Boys: Stay Out Of Russia!

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Makhachev Warns Nelk Boys: Stay Out Of Russia!

Nelk Boys, who are sort of like a Gen-Z Jackass, have made themselves famous by acting like goofballs on social media, which on the surface sounds embarrassing but they got rich from it so I guess the real joke is on working-class slobs like myself.

Reigning UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, alongside Internet sensation Hasbulla, took a break from his UFC 284 pay-per-view (PPV) preparations to watch YouTube videos of the Nelk Boys randomly messing with clueless shoppers.

Might ruffle a few feathers here in America but in Russia? Prepare to catch those hands.

“You can’t do that in Russia,” Makhachev said. “99 percent someone gonna give you punch.”

Nelk Boys have been seen hanging around UFC President Dana White and why not? White loves giving them wads of cashmuch to the chagrin of his underpaid fighters. Just don’t bring any of those pranks to the streets of the 209 or something like this will happen.

Sorry, Jake.